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The Benefits Of Using PVC Foam Board For Office Partitioning


Modifying the layout of your office or other commercial building with portable partitions can have a number of benefits for your business, helping to reduce ambient noise levels, block out unwelcome distractions and clearly delineate different working areas and task forces. However, portable office partitions can be made from a wide variety of materials, and some are far more suited to the requirements of effective office partitioning than others.

One of the most popular and widely used materials for office partitioning is PVC foam, and this unique plastic has a number of properties that see it outperform other partition material choices. Here are the chief benefits of choosing PVC foam boards for office partitioning:

Excellent sound insulation

The innumerable air pockets trapped within even a thin board of PVC foam give it excellent sound insulation qualities, and a few well-placed PVC foam partitions can block out significant amounts of noise from noisier parts of your office. Reducing ambient noise levels can dramatically improve concentration and reduce stress levels among your workforce, leading to increased productivity and workplace morale.

Excellent thermal insulation

PVC foam also has excellent heat insulation properties and will help prevent unwanted heat transfer in your office if placed carefully. This can be a particularly useful property in summer, as partitions can be used to trap cool air from air conditioners within a working area to keep your employees comfortable and focused.

Effective visual blocking

PVC foam partitions also provide total visual blocking of anything on the other side of a partition, helping to reduce visual distractions (such as window cleaners or other companies working in shared office spaces) which can distract your employees.


PVC foam is far more durable than other popular partition materials, such as cork or MDF, and can take a significant physical beating as it is transported to different locations within your office. It is also very long-lasting and does not suffer problems with mould and mildew which can plague organic partition materials.


PVC foam partitions are available in a wide variety of attractive colours, so you can always find a PVC partition that will compliment the overall design scheme and decor inside your office. Vibrant colours and pale pastel shades can be particularly useful, as they reflect large amounts of natural light and help make tall, closely placed partitions seem much less oppressive.


PVC foam board is not a flammable material, and will not ignite or help to spread a fire if your office should be unfortunate enough to suffer one. This makes your partitions far more likely to pass office fire safety inspections while providing added safety and reassurance to both you and your workforce.