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PVC Trim – What You Need To Know

Many customers these days are requesting that I use a PVC product to replace rotting wood. In these cases I recommend and use BOTO trim boards.

BOTO is a great wood replacement choice non-stress application. The beauty of this product is that it cuts, drills, routs and fastens the same as wood.

However, there are a few considerations and procedures that should be followed when installing pvc trim to allow a quality installation. Many contractors are not aware or do not follow these steps.


1. Do not use finish, brads or staples.  Fasteners MUST have a head.

2. Fasteners should penetrate the wood substrate a minimum of 1-1/2”.

3.  The best fasteners I’ve seen are the Cortex and are made by Fasten Master. This system has a special screw adapter that sinks the screw at the correct depth to receive a PVC plug. It’s real nice system and conceals the fastener heads without caulking, sanding or painting.

4. Install fasteners no more than 2” from the end of boards.

5. Install 2 fasteners for boards less than 12” wide. Wider boards require more fasteners.

6. Install fasteners every 12” to 16” o.c.


1. Glue joints and secure with a fastener to prevent joint separation.

2. Use adhesive – it has a 10 minute working time and is fully cured in 24 hours.