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Guangzhou, China, July 27, 2014: In response to the increase in Customer demand over the past several years, Guangzhou Boto Plastics Co., Ltd  has regularly added extrusion capacity to meet the growing demand and ensure production’s ability to support the new requirements. In the last several years, extrusion capacity has increased by 60%.
In March of 2017 Guangzhou Boto Plastics Co., Ltd has added an additional 15% to its extrusion capacity with extra infrastructure capabilities to support another 15% more extrusion capacity for development later this year.
In addition to the increase in extrusion capacity,  Guangzhou Boto Plastics Co., Ltd has also added significantly to it product range by adding 16 new profiles to complement those already popular with our Customers.
Coupled with the PVC mouldings, the Company has added a number of special-shaped mouldings to ensure that PVC mouldings offering is complete.
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