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Do I need to paint BOTO Trim?


No. BOTO Trim products do not require paint for protection, but may be painted to achieve a custom color or to cover nail holes that have been filled. If you choose to paint, use 100% acrylic latex paint with an LRV of 55 or higher. Definition of LRV (Light Reflective Value): LRV is the amount of light reflected from a painted surface. Black has a reflectance value of Zero (0) and absorbs all light and heat. White has a reflectance value of nearly 100 and keeps a building light and cool. All colors fit between these two extremes. Light Reflective Values are given as a percentage. For example, a color with a LRV of 55 means it will reflect 55% of the light that falls on it. For darker colors (LRV of 54 of lower) use paints with heat reflective characteristics specifically formulated for use on vinyl/PVC products. These paints/coatings are designed to reduce excessive heat gain. WARNING: It is recommended that should you choose to paint a darker color (LRV of 54 or lower) all aforementioned installation steps s